Cold Sweats and Vignettes



Experience 50 pages of spiiiiine-tingling supernatural terror and science fiiiiiction…

THE STEAL – A thief is hired by a collector to acquire an occult aaaaaartefact…
CRASH – A hard landing on an alien plaaaaaanet…
COLLISION – A world changing incident at the Laaaaaarge Hadron Collider…
THE FALL – A London gangster finds himself in a baaaaaad situation….

What Amazon verified purchasers are saying –

– a wonderful and diverse collection of stories. The Steal, a terrifying heist-with-a-difference, Collide, a Wyndham-esque tale of potential global disaster and its effects on human society, Crash, a space story with a clever sting, and The Fall, Tarantino with a difference – vastly different subjects, told in very different styles, but always with wit, tension, and in every case a twist you won’t see coming.

– Bowen’s gift is in the execution. He takes spaceships and time-travel and gangsters and delivers us little nuggets of story that work so well. I left this small collection satisfied and with a grin on my face. Bowen is a funny, clever writer and he makes me smile.

– These stories are creepy, funny, wondrous and scary, all at the same time.

– This book contains 4 short stories: The Steal, Collide, Crash, and The Fall. All four are full of suspense and delicious tension. I am hard pressed to say which was my favorite in the collection as they were all worthy.

– It almost doesn’t matter which genre you’re into – these stories will reach out and grab you. They’ll suck you right in, and also make you laugh at the same time.

– Eerie, dark and thoughtful, Cold Sweats and Vignettes is an awesome collection of short stories that chill your brain as well as your spine. Definitely recommended to fans of strange fiction and short stories.

– intriguing characters in eerie situations, surprising revelations, and plot twists, they draw you in quickly and then leave you with a “wow” at the conclusion.

– these shorts are like a short sharp punch to the ribs. They get their point across, they’re full of wallop, plenty of grit and depth.

– you think you’re on a harmless trip through the woods to grandma’s house, but then….BAM!….the big, bad wolf jumps out from behind a tree and drags you down the rabbit hole into Narnia.

– The stories are excellent and very original. I can’t compare them with anything else I’ve read.



16 thoughts on “Cold Sweats and Vignettes

  1. I am excited to receive your book. I can’t wait to go purchase you “Ghost” book. Much success. See you at a book signing.


  2. Thank you for the copy of “Cold Sweats and Vignettes”! I just happened upon your Facebook page today. I’m looking forward to reading your book!


  3. I do enjoyed reading “Where the Dead Walk”. Any thoughts about turning it into a movie? Can’t wait to read more of your artistry!


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