Forget all you know.
History’s biggest secret was hidden behind legends and lies…

An International Amazon #1 Bestseller in Kindle Thriller and Mystery

Running for her life, carrying a secret with the potential to change what it means to be human, Holly Reilly calls the only person she knows with the skills to keep her alive: her estranged husband Gabriel.

Caught between two deadly adversaries, Holly and Gabe are drawn into a centuries-old conflict, one poised to spill into the modern world, threatening chaos and bloodshed.

A breathless blend of action and mystery, faith and fanaticism, Vessel exposes an unwritten history stretching back to the Crusades, medieval Europe and feudal Japan as it races to its final explosive conclusion.

What Amazon verified purchasers are saying –

– Heart stopping, thrilling & utterly fantastic.

– This author is quickly becoming one of my favourites. He is a master at story crafting, reeling in readers, and plot twists.

– Lots of history in this book that made me review my knowledge of past ages. Killer ending!

– My ideal read is an intelligently written, action packed thriller with historical details thrown in the mix, and Vessel did not disappoint… Vessel brings the excitement of history and intrigue into one can’t-put-down page turner.

– Plenty of action, suspense, and lots of thrills.

– Grade A. I happen to be a huge fan of medieval and action/suspense tales. This story incorporates both themes.

– In a word – Brilliant! Exceptionally well written… Full of action, danger, a little history mixed with fantasy, and a beautiful love story.

– Action packed adventure! Like a blockbuster action movie in paperback.

– Terrific book. I had time to start a book, but like an argument better make sure you have time to finish it. Absolute cliff hanger, in spots literally but throughout with twists and turns.

– It has drama and danger. It has suspense and surprises. There’s a hint of romance, religious musings and a heap of revenge. Fighting, fear, family, friendship, feuds.

– I loved this story, the phrasing, the unrelenting pace, the scope…

– By chapter two I was hooked. The book took an unexpected turn that covered the crusades and Templar Knights, from east to west, right to the current time. It was action packed right up to the end.

– nice injection of history, fantasy, love story. The pace started off well and gained momentum. Very action-filled ending.

– I loved that the novel was fast paced from the very beginning, the characters were interesting, and there was even a bit of romance. The lead female is a strong, smart woman, not some boring ditzy girl (thank you).

– a wicked fast paced historical action thriller and so, so consuming. I recommend it to anyone, literally anyone. It’s a super fun, well-written read and hey, ya just might learn something along the way.

– I was too caught up in the historical intrigue and action scenes to consider the deeper meanings until it was all woven together at the end.

– Holly and Gabe, get caught up in this secret conflict and must risk their lives to try to keep the Vessel from falling into the wrong hands. There is something for everyone in this book – lots of action, medieval history, secret societies, epic gun fights – truly an exciting read that I didn’t want to put down!

– Gripped from the start and so not what I was expecting at all. This book has it all… Action, from the start until the finish its go, go, GO! Car chases, explosions, guts, gore, the lot!! Conspiracy, loved this part, getting to know the secrets…

– The best indie novel I have read from Amazon yet.


One thought on “Vessel

  1. Finished Vessel last week and I can’t praise it highly enough. Easily the best I’ve read in this genre – great plot, fast pace, engaging and believable characters, stylish and snappy writing.
    Dan Brown meets Lee Child. Awesome.

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